Sawyer Nursery School

Our School

Sawyer is housed in the "Big Yellow House" next door to the UU Church at the corner of Woburn Street and Summer Avenue. It is a homey, comfortable, welcoming place with brightly painted rooms and a variety of play spaces designed to encourage creative activities and learning. There is a fenced-in playground at the back of the building for outdoor play, and a large hall at the church next door that is used for large group activities.


Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Sawyer Nursery School is one of commitment to the development of the whole child. The staff at Sawyer Nursery School works to establish an atmosphere that supports the development of positive self esteem. It is believed that positive self-esteem in children will provide for future happiness. Our program strives to promote social and emotional growth through appropriate playtime activities. Providing carefully designed creative learning experiences will foster the child's natural curiosity and desire to learn, as well as stimulate curiosity.


Aims of the Sawyer Nursery Program


About Sawyer

Sawyer Nursery school is governed by a Board comprised of members of the UU Church of Reading and community members interested in the goals of Sawyer Nursery School. The school director is hired by and reports to the Board and a UU Governing Board Liaison attends the Board meetings.

Sawyer opened in 1960 as a private kindergarten to fill a clear community need. The school was proposed by UU members representing the Evening Alliance, the Religious Education Committee and the Board of Trustees. In 1974, with the advent of state mandated public kindergarten, Sawyer became a nursery school.